About the hundred years anniversary

This year, in May 2012, Ernst Museum has it’s hundred years anniversary. To celebrate this important day the facade of the building, remarkably old, will be decorated by g rest artwork that will introduce the audience the future refurbished exhibition space, and its role for the hungarian and international audience. To do so Ernst Museum is organizing a conference and announcing a scholarship for fine- and applied arts artists for redesigning the facade of the building. The winning artwork will be placed on a molino which will cover the building from May onwards. This is great opportunity both for the artists, whose creation would be seen for the entire city, and the museum, who would proudly open its doors to the audience.

To celebrate the anniversary other programs will also be organized. One of the closest events is the weekend of April 14-15, when the admission to the exhibition of the Hungarian artist award Derkovits will be free, and multi-languages tours will take place.

Other exhibitions and events will include family days, children camp, summer festival, and will create a framework for visitors to see artworks which react to the topic of interconnection between tradition and progression.

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