Eating around Ernst Museum #1

After having a long walks in the long rooms in museums, hopping from gallery to another, one definitely deserves a rest tête-à-tête with a cup of coffee or a pint of beer – personal preference is the point for a decision. If you happen to visit Ernst Museum in Budapest, here are some tips for you. The include my favorite places with a consideration of advise of

First is worth to introduce you a bistro Ket Szereczen. I have discovered this place for myself three years ago, when walking around in my first evening in the city I have run into a cafe with huge windows and magnificently beautiful lamps. Since then the place remained one of my favorites.

In the bistro you are offered an unusual selection of dishes on a reasonable price. Among the deserts I strongly recommend you the Chocolate soufflé, which is good enough not the regret about the calories consumed 😉

Right around the corner from the Ernst Museum you can find a real heaven for those who have a sweet tooth Sugar NY collection. This is an actual shop and a cafe, where you can only find sweeties: do not bring your little brother here before having a healthy dinner 😉 A plenty of excitement one can find here: pastry of unprecedented forms and shapes, super size lolly, unlimited jelly belly and other crazy things. A range of themed souvenirs is waiting for you here as well for having a more long-lasting memory.

Another place to introduce today is a Repulo Puli Kavezo, or Flying Puli Cafe. Visit it if you do not mind walking from Ernst Museum down the street for a couple of minutes. Situated right in front of the newly opened Doboz, Flying Puli is tiny indoors, but offers a huge terrace during a sunny day. In the menu you can find a range of breakfasts, served up till 4 pm, and a selection of burgers. While waiting for the food, which by the way is simple but somehow special, you can nearly see it being cooked. The final detail to be mentioned is the great music played here.

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