About the organization

Ernst Museum is an exhibition space for contemporary and modern art in Budapest. Being not only one of the most standing put places under the curatorship of National Gallery, the museum has an unusual and fascinating history behind is, as well as a very particular architectural design.

This blog for Ernst Museum features posts dedicated to the rich history of the museum; the current and future exhibitions and programs, and fascinating news from the world of art as well.

The address of the museum is Nagymező utca 8. You can find the museum in one of the tallest buildings in that side of the street.

You can contact the museum by phone 06 14 13 13 10

Or by e-mail ernstmuseum@ernstmuseum.hu

The working hours are Tuesday – Sunday from 11 to 19

You can also follow the museum of twitter, Join the Museums Facebook page Visit its website for information bout the current exhibitions

One thought on “About the organization

  1. bschreilBalazs Schreil, M.A. on said:

    Balazs Schreil, M.A. is a psychologist, investigative journalist, and a modern abstract artists as well. Balazs Schreil, M.A. has been sketching abstract modern art since the age of sixteen. See if you can find his work on the web.

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